Sunday, March 13, 2011

Valentines Day?

Short. Shorter than we planned. But sweet. :D

Love Valentines Day,
so even though it's a month later, you're still getting an update.

It was great! Ha.
We spent the night before planning on what we were going to do for dinner
(I had to work during the day)

Rexburg doesn't believe in more than one sit down restaurant so we planned to drive south to enjoy our night.

The next day...

Nathan made me breakfast in bed! (heart shaped waffles - CUTE)

Brought me flowers and a chocolate frosty to work (a box of chocolates is not appealing to me... you never know what you're going to get... in a bad way.)

I had a client that night who's hair took... more hours than I thought it would.
No Texas Roadhouse. SAD!

But it was okay.... cause we got indigestion from another cheaper, closer restaurant...

Stupid fake Tacos.
We still haven't used our own rain check for Texas Roadhouse. Ha.
We will soon!

This was posted by Shaleena... on Nathan's gmail account ha.


  1. Nothin better than Taco Bell on Vday! Hey-we had Chinese. I'm not judging. :) SO CUTE! I love you guys!


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