Monday, May 16, 2011

We are 23!

23 is an interesting age. You know how they say people like numbers that end in 2 and 7? Retail wise? Because 22 feels way cheaper than 24.99? And 37 cheaper than 39? .... I think that's how we're feeling about being 23. It's way older than 22. Not way old. It just didn't feel like a little step.

BUT is was FUN!!! For Nathan's birthday I took the day off work, and we went and saw

Which is basically a museum full of real bodies, preserved and cut up into different ways so one can see the amazing amount of detail and complexities of the body.

Nathan was stoked.
And I enjoyed it too! Very interesting. And I got an in depth tour (from Nathan) on how our bodies work. Unfortunately, it's all copyrighted, so we're weren't allowed to take any pictures. I think I'd have felt weird about that anyways.

We then proceeded to the mall to get some birthday outfits, but as soon as we entered, we ran into something sweet. 

A  H U R R I C A N E   S I M U L A T O R 

And guess who got to experience the 78mph windforce of a hurricane because it wasn't her birthday? Hahaha, me. It was very very windy. 

We then ate some lunch at the Panda Express. 
Found out what our destinies were. Similar theme. 

THEN our friends helped me throw a surprise party for Nathan.
The Caldwell familia hosted at their casa. They did all the decorating and everything. Aw.

Reminiscent of his 16 year old party a friend and I threw for him. Although he was less suspicious as a 16-year-old.

To the right is a picture of him dressed in the happy birthday banner. 23 is the super hero age.

Below is him and his birthday cake!
... pie... thing.

The candles say happy birthday.


Nathan and I took me to Ross to shop for some new work clothes (a PrOfEssIoNaL stylist always has to be stylish. It's true)

And then we went out to eat with our good friends, Matt and Amanda :)

Red Robin.... YUM!

To the right I am modeling one of my new shirts. Ha.

That weekend, our good friend was getting married in Denver, so Nathan drove me down to Salt Lake, we spent a day together walking around in the snow before I flew out to Colorado. Cool picture, no? 

Got some birthday jeggings (jean leggings) at that very mall. 

So now we are old. And enjoying it :) 
Happy birthday to us!! 

More updates... soonish... 


  1. YAY! You posted! I feel like this is a celebration in itself! I like your birthdays. Very cute! You both wear 23 very well. How do you like jeggings? I am not brave enough to try...
    I remember Nate's 16th bday surprise party! Oh my goodness...he probably married you because he knew that you would throw him awesome parties from then on out...:)


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