Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Last of the Holiday Updates

Our holidays were awesome, thank you for asking. If you don't mind, can we ask why you asked so far after the holidays are over?

... Mhmmm... Mhmmm...

No, you're right. We DID drop off the face of the blog planet as soon as November hit... Yes we can see why you'd be concerned... No don't worry, we'll still keep you posted... Sorry about the lack of updatage.

We couldn't have had a better break from school!

Thanksgiving was amazing! We went out to my grandparents' house in Utah to help them celebrate 50 years of marriage. A thanksgiving feast one day, the anniversary party the next, and on the last day, the beautiful sealing ceremony of my aunt and uncle. Celebrationness and happiness all week! Unfortunately, not very well documented... But my sisters and I got a pic....

Christmas was amazing, too!

We went to a few parties before leaving Rexburg. 
Like the Ugly Sweater party:

And we made gingerbread houses!

We didn't actually eat it. ... After sitting around for a month it seemed a little 
.... sketch.

We went to Colorado and stayed for two awesome weeks. 
No good documentation of that either! 

Except of how tired all the college kids had gotten this semester...

Spending time with family is more than enough of a Christmas present. We were just so dang excited to be home, we didn't even care about getting presents. But, just as the sky is blue, parents are the BEST at helping their kids out. ;D (someday we'll be strong enough to stop them)

I remember as a kid watching my parents get gifts that were... practical. And boring, I thought. A new drill? A new pancake griddle? Those were not toys. ...

Turns out they were. And great ones too! Toys! A mixer! And food storage! And a sewing machine! And our friends and family spoiled us with other sensible things we can use at work and home and school. Toys! Never thought I'd see it that way. And so grateful and happy and excited to have and be able to USE all of it!

We miss that time of year so much already. 
The food was great, the fun was great, but the family?



Relaxing. Comforting. Fun to see our wonderful parents and siblings and cute little nephew! Even when Christmas starts at 4am in the Bennion house. Even when I realized my brothers are all too quickly turning into adults. 
It is the best.

We hope your holiday was just as glorious :)
And now you have the last of your holiday updates. 

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