Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghost Post

The witch is

My poor husband recently came home to an overwhelming smell of
Pumpkin Spice Scentsy 
(I may have put a leeeettle too much in).

I then bombarded him with the Halloween themed cookie cutters I bought.
I was stoked.
I sat next to him on the couch and watched him pull each of them out.
"What this one supposed to be?" ... "Why are there two different leaf shapes?"

My poor husband. This is what happened...
I came to a realization the other day.

I'm going to get old.

It wasn't a really fun realization, but I don't feel like I'm old now.
I might start to in six months when I turn 23.

I think that's why I love Halloween. 
Costumes, candy, cookies, pumpkin carving, parties.
... it's my childhood all over again.

Last year, being very newly married, we didn't really do a ton for Halloween.
We did get to dress up for the trunk-or-treat, and I think one night I stuck in my vampire fangs from a previous Halloween and worried Nathan.

I think that was it though.

So this year, I decided to celebrate Halloween right.
Mostly because of my getting older-phobia.

So celebrate we have.
I'm so lucky I married a man whose as much of a child at heart as I am.
 He was all for my ideas.

We started by carving a pumpkin!

Luckily, our friends the Brantingham's invited us over for dinner and pumpkin carving.
More fun with friends!
(we stole this pic from their page, to see more check out their post

I drew the face, but Nathan did most of the carving. 
(Though I like being festive, I don't necessarily like being sticky)

Thanks, Elyse, for letting us use your lipstick!
Fitting for a hairdresser's pumpkin no?

Next year we'll have to make her a boy pumpkin... 

Next, we decided we wanted to dress up for the ward costume party. 
Guess what we were?

I'll give you a clue ...

Yes, that's right.
We convinced two other couples in our ward to dress up with us.

We came to the ward party late, so it was funny to watch people watch our big ridiculous group shuffle in...
chuck our weapons on the table, and go get some food. 

Ms. Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Ms. White, and Colonel Mustard.

We all got together a couple hours before, so I could do the girls' hair. Fun!

So after winning a prize in the costume contest, which was fun 
(a $5 gift card to Twizzleberry!) 
We went to Twizzleberry for some frozen yogurt, and then went bowling!

Don't our shoes look great?

The most fun triple date I've been on in a looong time.
They were a blast!

Saturday, I brought some Halloween music to the Salon. 
Not as much Halloween variety as there is Christmas.. 
so songs like Thriller, Superstition, Werewolves of London... 
I'll just upload part of the playlist for you.

We ended our weekend by going to the temple, ha. 
And then stopping by the SpOoK aLLeY set up by the owners of my Salon! 
Theme: Hannibal the Cannibal. 
Used mannequin heads for hairdressers helped a lot with that.

It was awesome.

So now, 
I'm waiting for the cookies we made to cool down enough to decorate, 

.....though Nathan was right. 
We can't really tell what some of them are. 

And we may not get to decorating tonight...

We're kind of tired.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Shaleena! OH MY GOODNESS! I found your blog and I am excited!!! This is in my demon name is Rhonda, Amanda. We have a lot to catch up on-and I mean A LOT! Email me when you get this...

    You and Nate are TOOOOOO STINKIN' CUTE!
    HI NATE!!! :)


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