Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Year Down... Millions and Millions To Go! :D

Forgive me. It's been more than a week. 
Perhaps blogging and I haven't figured each other out yet.
Perhaps my new full-time work schedule is interfering with my social media life.

But maybe we've just been very busy celebrating our first year of marriage! 

What?! Yes, that's right. 
You attended our wedding over a year ago. 
And now we are a seasoned married couple. 
Sort of.

We asked Josh Peterson (the person who does the fashion photography for the salon) to help us out with some fun pictures, and they look amazing!

He's awesome. Check him out at pvmphotography.com (we're on there, too!)

And now, as promised, (though very late) 
here are our family pictures to mark our one year :)

Though there are way more pictures, 
I tried to limit the post to our very favorites... ha.

Josh was laying on the ground for this one... and actually several poses. Awesome.

Nathan sneaky peeked without telling me! :)

Though we look cute, this one took some balance.

We like the vintage-y look they all have, especially this one.

And this next one - Can you say FaVoRitE?

I love this pic - we were just walking to our next spot. Just walking. :)

Remember when I told you which one was the favorite?
I may or may not have lied.. We like this one too :)

I always feel bad when Nathan has to carry me around...
But he looks happy right?

Kissing picture!! Just a warning. 

This one was way fun! The lighting is awesome.
Nathan did a better job than me at not cracking up.

And of course...

we had some silly ones to put up for you :)
Less commentary, though. Kinda speak for themselves.


We had a way fun time at the shoot, it felt like we were engaged again!

We love love LOVE married life :) 
And now that the "hardest year" is over, the rest should be cake! 

... Right?

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  1. Those are such cute pictures! :) Happy anniversay!


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