Thursday, September 30, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart*

*potential to be quite random

Hey! It's our first update since our engagement!

... and there's been a lot going on. 
So, Reader's Digest of the past year:
First off, we need to explain the title.

When we came back from our honeymoon and moved me into our apartment, we learned quickly how colorful our neighbors were. But out of all of them, the girl next door was our favorite. Why? Because she faithfully sang Total Eclipse of the Heart for us every night. Accompanied by her fabulous guitar playing. 

A full hour performance. Until about 11pm. Good song. And she wasn't bad either.
She even threw in an occasional Queen song. For free!

We thought we'd miss those tear-jerking perfomances, but it seems everywhere we go, that song is following us. It's on the radio all the time, now. And AND we just recieved a CD from Aunt Liz with the Glee Cast version of that song. (Which we like better) Ha. We can't get away from it. 

The theme of our marriage? ... Probably not. But, unfortunately, we don't have any other physical reminder of our first living arrangements due to the fact that we never want to remember that place again.  

Anywho. While your enjoying the song for yourself, 
here are some updates from the rest of the year:

Yes. We did get married.

Yes. It was FaBuLouS!

Yes, we're still madly in love.

And it's been absolutely great! Other updates?
  • Bed bugs are lame. 
  • Going back to school to get an Idaho cosmetology license was funtimes, (Idaho requires more hours for a license), 
  • but being back in the snow was NOT funtimes, (Arizona... we miss you!) 
  • And our Colorado ward was amazing, (Nathan was the Priest Advisor, and I was an Activity Days leader). 
Our First Christmas!! Nathan surprised me with a zebra-print rug! 

It was fun having two Christmas'! One at 4am at the Bennion's, and the other at 8am at the Slaugh's. Juggling won't be so hard as long as Claire is always there to wake us up bright and early ;)

Moving to Idaho was an adventure. (Driving a U-haul in a freak blizzard through Wyoming gets your adrenaline pumping)

Our second apartment! Which we love.

We love love our new ward. Nathan is in the Elder's Quorum Presidency, 
and I'm a librarian, and a part time organist, ha. 

I love my job at Tami's Salon. Doing hair is the best! (If you want to see me as the dry 
shampoo model, check out Tami's Tips at, haha)

Nathan is stoked for schoolness. Science goggles above, tennis match below.

Straight A's first Semester! And now he's a tutor!
And we've been SO enjoying each having new families :)

Oliver's blessing pic chas

Sno-lymics Basketball Champs!

Family Tree!

Nathan is now in his second semester of school, and I'm working on my recipe book. Any favorite recipes anyone wants to send me will be CeLeBraTeD!

We're loving life. It's been such a great start! Thanks again to all of you lovelies for your love and support and constant guidance. (No, not all of our posts will be this sappy)

We'll get better at updating weekly. :)
Also, feel free to vote for Nathan's career to the left. 
We will be taking the results very seriously.
Love love love, us.

Tune in next week for:


  1. I just heart y'all and your life! :) I hope you're ok with that. :)

  2. Shaleena! I LOVE your blog =). You should check out a blog I started for my friends in the ward to post recipes on for great recipes. The mint chocolate cookies are my favorite.

  3. Oh, I do love you two Bennions. The apartment looks DIVINE, you two are still as inspiringly adorable as ever, and it's such a treat to know we can get updates more and more now. Love you two!

  4. you guys are officially 2 of my most favorite people ever.


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